| 06 December, 2022

Tax strategy for 2021 - due by 31.12.2022

The deadline for disclosing information on the implemented tax strategy for 2021 is approaching.

According to Article 27c.1 of the CIT Act, taxpayers are obliged to prepare and make publicly known information on the implemented tax strategy for a given tax year. Subject to this obligation are groups of companies (regardless of the revenue) and other taxpayers whose revenue exceeded the equivalent of EUR 50 million (for 2021 – PLN 229 970 000).

The deadline for disclosing the tax strategy for 2021 for taxpayers whose tax year is calendar year passes on the
31st of December 2022 (and for all other taxpayers with the end of the twelfth month following the end of the tax year).

Should you be interested in more detailed information, please contact us at:
office@tias.pl +48 71 737 29 00.

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